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Dear Parents,

I have been handed over the baton of running this esteemed institution by my predecessor Re. Fr. George D'Costa, who since the inception of this institution in 2014, worked tirelessly and with total dedication to nurture the little ones who sought admission here in this institution. I place on record my sincere thanks for all that the school has achieved through his indefatigable efforts. I wish him all the best in his new endeavours.

"Arise! Arise! And stop not until the goal is reached" the well known slogan by renowned Indian philosopher and social reformer Swami Vivekananda would be a motivating slogan for all of us working in this institution because much is to be done before the goal is achieved. I am sure the benevolent cooperation of the parents and devoted service of competent teachers would certainly facilitate in achieving our goals.

"Peace and goodwill" is the motto of this nascent institution and we sincerely wish that these two virtues prevail in us in particular and in society at large. The school lays emphasis on value based education besides outstanding academics. I am of firm belief that every student that pass out from this institution will strive to maintain and practice this inordinate motto wherever they go.

Dear students let me quote Swami Vivekananda "Everything is easy when you are busy, but nothing is easy when you are lazy" Laziness is the worst enemy. It is a negative act in the process of education. Our beloved former President late APJ Abdul Kalam once said "If you want to shine like a Sun first burn like a Sun" yes, it is only through hard work you can achieve your goal.

May St. Francis, the patron of our school intercede for us as we are on way to achieve your goals.

Rev. Fr. Alwyn Madtha