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About School

St. Francis School is a recognized but unaided Anglo-Indian minority institution established and administered by "The Catholic Diocese of Lucknow", a charitable Religious Society registered in Lucknow under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. The School is affiliated to the Council of Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi (Code UP-406)

The School was founded in 2014. It was established with the object of imparting modern education primarily to Catholic students in a manner that would conserve their "Religion, Language, Script and Culture, "but is open to all, irrespective of religion, caste or community".

The School aims at giving a value based wholesome quality education to develop along with intellectual excellence and achievement, the multi-faceted personality of the child as a moral and social being, with special emphasis to inculcate healthy moral values. Students are helped to become mature persons, imbibed with value to be worthy citizens of our country.

St. Francis School is promoting Value Education and tries to impart `Learning to live together' as a vital pillar in the process of education. With the advancement of Science and Technology and explosion of Information, the learner of today is at `Cross Roads' with a loss to know the right path and the choice to make that. The conflicting role-models that he has in the society, the dubious presentations of the leadership that he encounters in the life often demotivates and demoralizes his perceptions. It is in this context, the role of Value Education finds a significant place in the curriculum. This School through Moral Education and Value Education is training the young minds for life, for character building and living; helping all our future generation to lead a life of dignity and self-respect. Human Values, National Values and Social Values are those basic characteristics of human society which set norms for the elements of social control over the individual and modification of his behaviour and project an 4 ideal for the members of the society to shape their personalities, in conformity with the values.

Besides catering to the scholastic needs of the students the School attaches great importance to Physical Training, Sports and Games, competitions and other extra curricular activities. The School programmes and competitions are occasions for children to display their talents and therefore the School will seek positive encouragements and co-operation from the parents.

Students: The School provides education for boys and girls.

Medium: ENGLISH is the medium of instruction.

However, great importance is given to Hindi the languages of our Nation and cultural heritage.


The School has the following sections:

  • Pre-Primary - Nursery and KG
  • Primary - Class I onwards