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HEAD GIRL (2022-2023)

St. Francis School, Gomti Nagar extension is a renowned institution and is known not only for imparting knowledge but also grooming the personality of a child.

I, Shatakshi Dubey, the head girl of the school feel blessed and privileged to be elected as the head girl of my school.

We, as students, imbibe the best in the field of education. Our teachers are not only dedicated and sincere towards their responsibilities but they also mould the inquisitive minds in such a way that we become competent enough to face the challenges of the world outside the school.

As the head girl of the school, I would leave no stone unturned to bring laurels to the school.

“Leadership is not about being the best: it is about bringing out the best in others”

Shatakshi Dubey
(Head Girl)
HEAD GIRL (2018-2019)
HEAD GIRL (2017-2018)
HEAD GIRL (2016-2017)