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  • Students: Students must contribute to the high tone of the School by their manners and behavior in the outside the School, at all times. Disciplinary rules regarding punctuality, regularity, neatness, respect for elders and teachers, concern for the good of the institution, are to be carefully observed. Any damage caused to the School property either individually or collectively must be made good. The Principal may levy fine/penalty on the individual or the group responsible for the damage.
  • Parents/Guardians: Parents/Guardians must send their children to the School punctually, regularly and neatly dressed. They should give time to their children by supervising their study, by checking the books they read and the company they keep etc. They must co-operate with the School, by following the rules and regulations of the School, by showing concern for the welfare of the School, by paying their dues on time, by attending the parent-teacher meetings regularly, and by taking proper note of the instructions/notices that may be sent to them from time to time, etc.
  • Rules, Regulations and Guidelines: are given in the School Diary that will be provided at the beginning of the academic session or at the time of admission, to be accepted, signed and observed by Parents/Guardians and students.
  • School identity card: Students must have the School identity card in their possession at all times when they come to the campus or go elsewhere in School uniform or represent the School.
  • Holidays - The School will remain closed on all gazetted holidays, on days notified by the Principal and on days ordered by the district administration.
  • Medical Facility - Medical / first-aid facility is provided in the School dispensary staffed by a qualified and trained nurse.
  • Telephone - The School telephone number is 9839818765