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Curricular: General education in all the subjects is provided.

Co-curricular: Besides academic courses, for the all-round development of students, the School provides co-curricular activities like debates, dramatics, elocution, music, art/craft, socially useful and productive works, electronics, food craft, etc.

Religious/Moral Instruction: Religion is taught to Catholic/Christian students. For others, a course of Moral Instruction is given, for inculcation of sound moral values and character formation.

Physical Education: For physical education and fitness regular training is provided through P.T. as a part of the curriculum.

Function and Programmes: Teachers' Day, Children's Day, Parents' Day, Independence Day, Republic Day, Patron's Day, Christmas Day, Workers' Day, etc. are celebrated with cultural and field activities organized according to the spirit of the day and purpose of the function/programme.

Other Activities: Picnics and various projects are undertaken during the year. Students are encouraged to participate in various competitions in and outside the School.